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Academy Award Positions

March 7, 2010 2 comments

Everyone and their brother has a post about who will win what tonight and why, so I’ll just post the important stuff. These are a combination of Intrade positions and bets at various books.

Best Actress Dress Designer
Alexander McQueen: +50
Other: -5

Best Director
Bigelow: +119
Other: -438

Best Supporting Actress
Monique: +18
Other: -105

Best Supporting Actor

Waltz: +30
Other: -441

Best Actor
Bridges: +60
Other: -353

Best Actress
Streep: +37
Bullock: -12
Other: -42

Best Foreign Film
The White Ribbon: +26
The Prophet: -14
Other: -54

Best Picture
Locker: +455
Basterds +295
Avatar: -395
Other: -50

Edit1: Added more Bridges. Almost margined out on Intrade for the first time since the 2008 election.